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Commercial Concrete Installation

The use of concrete in larger, industrial projects is very common now. What isn’t common is the multiple applications that concrete can be utilized in projects. Whatever the application, the cost effective element of using concrete is a popular choice. The fact that concrete is very durable means maintenance costs may be lower than other options. And when you add stamped concrete to any project, the results can be very pleasing to the eye.

Projects include concrete for both interior and exterior purposes. Concrete foundations and footings are poured on almost all commercial building projects. Whether it is for a stand alone store or a complex shopping mall or office buildings. Parkades, building entrances, patios, handicap access ramps, and many other applications are often created from concrete. Buildings even use concrete to create decorative outdoor planters and retaining walls.  

Commercial Concrete Applications and Benefits

Concrete Walls and Floors

One of the safety features of concrete walls is that the material is fire retardant. This is why office buildings will often create concrete walls between units, to provide protection from the unexpected and damaging results of a fire. Apartment building commonly use concrete flooring and walls between units for this very purpose. If a fire should break out, any attempt to contain it would be necessary.

Concrete floors are found in most commercial structures, and residential structures. They are extremely durable and can enforce structural integrity. Quite often the exposed concrete is covered with different flooring options to complement the interior design of the space. But underneath, the concrete is providing strong support and durability.

Concrete Parking Garages

Most commercial properties will opt to use asphalt for their parking lots. But any properties that have a parking structure or parkade will opt to use concrete for the structural support this product offers.

Durability and strength is key. Concrete is the product that delivers on both of those features, and provides for ease of maintenance for the long term.

With the many different finishing options for concrete, commercial properties can really improve their visual appeal. Concrete can be coloured or stamped, or both. Different finishing products and methods can make concrete appear very smooth or very textured. It is a very versatile product, that can be used to accent or complement a structures exterior as well as it’s interior. Limitations to its appearance is truly only dependent on the imagination of the creator, whether that be the developer, designer, architect, or whomever.  

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