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Outdoor living is a desirable option for many and providing a safe, comfortable space to do so is our aim. To create an area that allows homeowners and guests to relax and enjoy themselves is upmost in our thoughts.  

​There are many options available that will suit your needs. We can help install stained or stamped concrete to really set off your outdoor space and coordinate it with your exterior and outdoor furnishings. And make our solutions adapt and fit into the space you want.  

Front Porch

  Different from patios, which are normally located in the rear of your home, the front porch is somewhat of a welcoming area. A transition stage from your driveway to the interior of your home. You receive your guests here and welcome them indoors. 

Or some people enjoy sitting and relaxing on the front porch, watching the world as it makes it way past your front door. Maybe you envision a nice porch swing, where you can sit and sip a glass of wine in the evening. 

We can help you with installing a concrete front porch that will withstand the test of time and provide your family with an extra exterior area for their relaxation.  

Back Patio

   This is by far the most common outdoor area that owners are looking to build. It provides a higher level of privacy, as it is located in the rear of the home or structure. 

We take into account the landscaping already in place and your plans or wants. Then we can provide you recommendations as to where the best spot may be to install your back patio. 

Most plans include adequate space for furnishings, an outdoor grill or outdoor kitchen, and possibly a fireplace or fire pit, or any other feature requested. The idea is to make this an area that will be appealing to you, your family, and your guests.  

Walk Out Space


  A nice feature some owners opt for is a walkout area, accessed from patio doors or french doors, that allow people to move from indoors to outdoors and lead to a common outdoor gathering area. You can have the walkout space connect via steps, stairs, and or railings to the main patio area.

 Some people like to have this walkout space just beyond a bedroom or family area so that one can easily step outside for a breath of fresh air anytime.      

Walkways & Pathways

  Your property should also include walkways that are safe, solid, and clear of any overgrowth. Ensure that your walkways are not cracked or jagged to avoid any tripping hazards. 

You may also want to enhance their appeal by applying a stamped concrete to really compliment your property. If you are creating a flowing landscape garden on your property, you may want to add plans to place a pathway through the garden. This way you and guests can enjoy it by being able to get up close and experience the beautiful landscaping. 

To stop and smell the roses, so to speak.  

Let us Help You

   Whatever you can imagine for your personal oasis, we can help with the concrete part of the project.  We have help others create an outdoor living space that fits right with their lifestyle and vision.  Feel free to give us a call at 587.612.5075 to discuss your project.  Our team is ready and willing to offer suggestions and provide insight so that the job is done and lives up to your expectations. Or if you prefer, you can email us by using the web form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. ​Your oasis is waiting for you.  Let us help make it a reality for you and your family.