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Concrete Driveways and Garages

 There are as many variations of driveways as there are variations of homes and buildings. This depends on whether you are wanting a long stately driveway or a short, right off the main street driveway. Or maybe you need a driveway that extends past your home, to the garage in the rear. 

It will really depend on the property, available space, and how you want to use that space. You also have many different options such as colours and stamped concrete to satisfy your needs and wants. 

Whatever you do choose, it will be a good investment for your property as the life span of concrete is a fantastic return on your initial investment.  

Concrete Driveways

 One thing that is common in all types of driveways is the necessity to have it installed correctly. 

There are certain preparations that need to be completed first before you pour any concrete. The land needs to be graded to provide correct slope for water drainage. And it also needs to be levelled. When the ground is not properly prepared, it may lead to cracking once the concrete sets. Then, forms will need to be put in place to contain the concrete as it sets. No vehicles or foot traffic should be allowed onto the surface until it has fully cured. 

 Once the concrete is poured, then any stamping can be done prior to the concrete fully curing. Once the concrete has cured, the forms can then be removed. 

It is recommended that a sealant be applied to protect the concrete from wear and exposure.

Concrete Garage Pads

  Garage floors or garage pads should also be poured once the ground has been prepared. Make sure that the area has been levelled out. 

Then place the forms. Allow sufficient time for the concrete to fully cure before removing the forms. The forms should come up quite easily and if they don’t, allow for more time for the concrete to cure.

 Sometimes people will want a pad to park their RV or trailers. This is similar to a garage floor but may not include construction of enclosing walls. Or others may choose to construct a car port, where the pad is poured and supports for an overhang or roof is constructed, without enclosing the structure fully on all sides.

Concrete Garage Coatings


   As vehicles will be resting on driveways or garage floors, it is strongly recommended that sealant is applied to avoid damage to the concrete from the vehicle’s oil or fuel leakage. 

Applying epoxy to the final product will really make your garage look great and many people opt for this smooth look. And it can be applied in varying colours or clear coat.